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Download Engineering Mechanics Pdf for gate psu and engineering examinations.Today Team CG Aspirants tean share Engineering Mechanics Pdf by U C Jindal. This Mechanics Book are published by Made Easy Publications.The book covers all the syllabus in Engineering Mechanics of all the universities, IITs, NITs, deemed universities. Students appearing in competitive examinations of UPSC, GATE, PSUs will find the book as an asset to them. The book also serves the purpose of AMIE students.
Engineering Mechanics Pdf by U C Jindal
Engineering Mechanics Pdf by U C Jindal

Engineering Mechanics Syllabus

Introduction – Units and Dimensions – Laws of Mechanics –Lami’s theorem, Parallelogram and triangular Law of forces –– Vectorial representation of forces – Vector operations of forces -additions, subtraction, dot product, cross product – Coplanar Forces – rectangular components – Equilibrium of a particle – Forces in space – Equilibrium of a particle in space – Equivalent systems of forces – Principle of transmissibility .
Free body diagram – Types of supports –Action and reaction forces –stable equilibrium – Moments and Couples – Moment of a force about a point and about an axis – Vectorial representation of
moments and couples – Scalar components of a moment –Varignon’s theorem – Single equivalent force -Equilibrium of Rigid bodies in two dimensions – Equilibrium of Rigid bodies in three dimensions

Authore Details of Engineering Mechanics Pdf by U C Jindal

The author is teaching the subject for the last 23 years and is fully conversent with the difficulties experienced by the students. Therefore, while preparing the text of the book, the point of view of the students was constantly kept in mind. The contents of the book have been designed in a manner to help all grades of the students. For the relatively mediocre students unable to attend classes regularly, there are simple examples and exercises, a thorough study of which would impart confidence and a clear understanding of the subject. For the brighter students, there are complicated problems and exercises, the understanding and solution of which will help them go a long way in securing exceptionally good marks and in assuring a place of distinction in any competitive examination.



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