[PDF] Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics by R S Khurmi Ebook

A Textbook of Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Mechanics by R S Khurmi and N Khurmi has been providing a comprehensive coverage of fluid mechanics and hydraulics for various engineering courses. 

This text has been revised to incorporate SI units throughout the book. It starts with an overview, then covers Hydrostatics, study and measurement of Fluid Pressure and introduces Hydrokinematics. The book covers Floating Bodies and their Equilibrium, applications of Bernoulli’s equation, Flow through Orifices, Notches, Weirs, and Simple Pipes. It also covers how fluids flow through Open Channels and examines both uniform and non-uniform flows.
[PDF] Download Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics by R S Khurmi Ebook

Key Features of Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics by R S Khurmi:

  • Divided in 39 chapters, the text succinctly explains every concept of the subject.
  • More than 900 examples, figures and tables aid to the concepts explained.
  • More than 800 in-text exercise questions and chapter-end questions add to the practice of the students.
Table of Content of Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics by R S Khurmi:
  • Introduction and Properties of Fluids
  • Fluid Pressure and its Measurement
  • Hydrostatics
  • Applications of Hydrostatics
  • Equilibrium of Floating Bodies
  • Hydro-Kinematics (or Fluid Kinematics)
  • Hydro-Dynamics (or Fluid Dynamics) (Bernoulli's & Euler's Equations and Their Applications)
  • Flow Through Orifices (Measurement of Discharge)
  • Flow Through Orifices (Measurement of Time)
  • Flow Through Mouthpieces
  • Flow Over Notches
  • Flow Over Weirs
  • Flow Through Simple Pipes
  • Flow Through Compound Pipes
  • Flow Through Nozzles
  • Uniform Flow Through Open Channels
  • Non-Uniform Flow Through Open Channels
  • Viscous Flow (Laminar Flow-I)
  • Viscous Resistance (Laminar Flow-II)
  • Fluid Masses Subjected to Acceleration
  • Vortex Flow
  • Mechanics of Compressible Flow
  • Compressible Flow of Fluids
  • Flow Around Immersed Bodies (Drag & Lift) and Boundary Layer Theory
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Model Analysis (Undistorted Models)
  • Model Analysis (Distorted Models)
  • Non-Dimensional Constants
  • Impact of Jets
  • Jet Propulsion
  • Water Wheels
  • Impulse Turbines
  • Reaction Turbines
  • Performance of Turbines
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Performance of Pumps
  • Pumping Devices
  • Hydraulic Systems (Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines)


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