Electrical Engineering Objective by J B Gupta

Book Contents:-

Section-I: Electrical Engineering
  • DC Basics and Networks and Electromagnetic Theory
  • AC Basics and Networks
  • DC Machines
  • AC Machines
  • Electrical Engineering Materials
  • Electrical Machine Design
  • Electrical Installation and Wiring
  • Electrical Power Generation and Economic Considerations
  • Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power
  • Switchgear and Protection
  • Electrical Energy Utilization and Electric Traction
Section-II: Electronics
  • Electronic Components and Decides
  • Analog Electronics
  • Industrial and Power Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
Section-III: Measurements, Instrumentation and Control
  • Electronics and Electrical Measurements and Instruments
  • Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation
  • Control Systems
  • Model Test Papers

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