General Engineering Knowledge by H D Mcgeorge


About the Book

This third edition of General Engineering Knowiadge has been expanded and updated to cover changes in the examination questions and legislation intro- duced since the previous edition. The chapter on pollution prevention now ncludes scctions on disposal of chemicals and garbage, in addition to notcs on of pollution by o the Clean Air Act and disposa of sewage A new prevention prod uction of water ow-pressure evaporaturs and reverse osanusis chapter on to make the water pocable and on problems with contains nutes on treatment bacteria Noise, another form of pollution, is also associated w th vibration and there is er dealing with both topics. The section on vibration covars its use as now a chap a means of monitoring the condition machinery Additions havc bcen made to various chapters and rcfcrences wherc approp- riate for further reading. Knowledge is of two kinds we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.

Contents Preface

 1 - Centrifugal Pumps and Priming-Coolers and Cooling Systems 
 2- Hazards in Enclosed Spaces Tankers Cargo Pumping 
 3- Fire Protection 
 4- Fuel-Handling and Treatment Self Cleaning Purificr-Automatic Combustion System for Auxiliary Boiler 
5- Refrigeration Air Conditioning Heating
6- Metallurgical Tests 
7- Stern Tubcs, Scals and Shafting Systcms 
 8- Steering Gear 
9- Pollution Prevention-Monitoring
Oily Waler Separalur-Sewage realmenl  
10- Production of Water Pipelines and Corrosion

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