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 IES Master was established in the year 2011. IES Master is unique due to its unique teaching methodology and the uniqueness has been enriched over the year due to Mr Thakur's continues involvement in the teaching for last 15 years along with his involvement in the practical fields.

The key point of the success of IES Master, Institute for Engineers is not a magic wand. The real key points that we and our aspirants believe are the effective and potential problem-solving techniques as well as consistent practice sessions that fill the attitudes of the aspirants with full of self-confidence. And this confidence, in turn, increases the potential of problem-solving techniques in attempting the actual question paper.
Download Hydrology IES Master Book Pdf

IES Master, Institute of Engineers believes in its working exam oriented approach that made many aspirants to achieve their goals and make the institute to stand at the top position in IES, GATE and PSUs coaching.

IES Master stands one step ahead than you in getting you to achieve the best rank in IES and GATE examinations, through providing all possible resources needed for the same.

IES Master provides all study material necessary that include comprehensive workbooks along with the question banks, which cover all questions possibly appeared in your question paper of the competitive examination.

IES Master provides the sources of learning and practising the soft skills to the aspiring students, by conducting numerous test series and interviews.

IES Master provides the environment to explore the problem solving ability to the aspiring students, though our conventional questions practice program that would transition the minds of the aspirants towards the actual exam-frame of IES and GATE.

IES Master provides the micro level teaching and training to become expert in the problem solving through explanation of micro level step by step process of solving the problems.


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